January 17, 2017

On Second Thought...There's Wyoming

Wyoming floats a horrible idea: let's ban renewable energy.

January 4, 2017

9 Sustainable Business Stories That Shaped 2016

My annual roundup of the good, bad, and Trump of 2016. Trump%20and%20climate.jpeg

January 1, 2017

My 2017 Resolutions for Building a Just, Honest, Thriving World

My resolutions for how I will speak and defend truth, listen more, and get moving.

November 28, 2016

Sustainable Business Will Move Ahead With or Without Trump’s Support

[I wrote this for HBR a couple weeks ago. It's me at my most optimistic...or at least me seeing the world through a lens of mega-trends, big shifts that nobody, not even the President of the United States, can stop....

November 13, 2016

Make A Trump Presidency Like Y2K

If we're lucky, a Trump presidency will feel like Y2K -- a catastrophe averted. Frum%20tweet.jpg

November 10, 2016

What Now? A Brief Plan for Climate Action in Trumpland

On climate, perhaps we need to go around the federal government. My mini-manifesto for climate action in a Trump world. Detour%20sign%2C%20Kate%20Ter%20Haar%20flickr.jpg

November 9, 2016

Trump Can't Stop the Clean Economy

The clean economy marches on, even in the face of a leader who denies climate change.

November 5, 2016

Electing a Climate Denier in 2016 is Lunacy

The choice is clear in this election. There's only one serious candidate on climate change, our biggest challenge. Hillary%20quote%20on%20climate.jpg

November 2, 2016

General Mills' CEO is Serious about Climate

General Mills' CEO laid out an airtight case for action on climate. Lucky%20charms.jpeg

October 2, 2016

The Failed Doctrine Behind the NJ Train Crash (My video blog)

The NJ Train crash was likely preventable. But NJ, like most of the country, does not spend enough on infrastructure. Here's why... Vlog%20thumbnail%20%28OCt%202%2C%202016%29.jpg