October 4, 2010

A Soccer Ball That Generates Power and Other "Breakthrough" Awards

Popular Science released its list of Breakthrough Awards 2010 for new ideas and products (some on the design table, some out in the market).

Out of 18 winners, 5 are clearly green innovations:

- A more affordable PV Solar Cell, that uses much less silicon
- A "radically" redesigned airplane that lowers drag and fuel use
- The plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt as a "breakthrough product"
- Ditto the all-electric Nissan Leaf

But my favorite idea is a soccer ball that captures kinetic energy. Four Harvard undergrads created this clever, fun solution to the complete lack of power in the poorest parts of the world. After just 15 minutes of play, the ball can be plugged in and provide 3 hours of LED light.

Revolutions can come in small packages.


On October 5, 2010 10:40 PM, BrookeBF said:

I love the soccer ball! I want one in my emergency preparedness kit. Last time we had a hurricane we were out of power for 2 weeks. We were so bored without all of our electronic gadgetry. Playing soccer and then using it for power would have been fantastic. (Of course I see the value for the poorest parts of the world as a bigger priority than my boredom ... but still would come in handy!)

@BrookeBF from @RecycleMatch

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