April 6, 2016

A Tale of Two Green Economies

I posted an article this week on medium.com (first time on this outlet) about some impressive actions to build a clean economy that I witnessed in two countries, Norway and Costa Rica.

I happened to travel to both in the space of a few days and took part in a fascinating meeting outside of Oslo with big climate thinkers from science, policy, government, and business.

I wrote about three main clean economy themes I saw...
- 100% renewable energy on their grids. Both have lots of hydro power, but also growing solar, wind, geothermal resources
- Strong, proactive policies, like huge tax breaks for electric vehicles or protecting huge swaths of public lands
- Supportive culture, with optimism and a belief in the common good and the value of nature

But I also discuss some of the challenges each country faces that could slow them down. Please check out the longer story...and see the incredibly beautiful picture I took out my plane window in Norway...

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