The WES Network

For larger projects that go beyond advisory roles or limited engagements, Andrew Winston draws on a network of deep partnerships with both large-scale consulting giants and niche specialists in areas such as green marketing and communications, operational eco-efficiency, CSR strategy, and federal and global climate policy. Our colleagues include leaders such as:

PwC is one of the world's largest providers of assurance, tax, and business consulting services. PwC's Sustainable Business Solutions practice provides practical strategies to help businesses address strategic, compliance, operational, reputational and financial sustainability-relaed issues. Companies increasingly recognize sustainability as much more than an environmental issue, and PwC is helping clients achieve sustainability and business goals by capitalizing on efficiencies, mitigating risks, and finding solutions that can lead to long-term profitability. PwC's global network of more than 700 assurance, advisory, and tax professionals is dedicated to guiding clients to seize business opportunities through sustainability strategies that meet corporate objectives and turn them into action.

J. Ottman Consulting is a marketing consulting and new products firm with the mission of helping businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit groups meet consumer needs more sustainably. Founded nearly twenty years ago by Jacquelyn Ottman, their pioneering work in green marketing and eco-innovation has guided the communications and product strategies of hundreds of clients. Ottman is the author of the ground-breaking book, Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation. Their most recent initiative, Design:Green, transforms business by showing the way towards new products, new business models and green marketing strategies that are at once sustainable, innovative and profitable.

Framework:CR, a leading corporate responsibility and financial reporting and communications firm, has a long history of helping clients communicate their value and vision to their stakeholders. Framework:CR principals understand the interrelationship between economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities and financial results, giving them a unique and valuable perspective as communication around financial and corporate responsibility performance begins to converge. Framework:CR works with companies of all sizes, sectors, and global regions.